The term compliance refers to acting in accordance with the applicable law. conwert Immobilien Invest SE has prepared a compliance guideline that is designed to prevent the abuse and the disclosure of both compliance-relevant and inside information in accordance with the Austrian Stock Exchange Act, the Issuer Compliance Guideline 2007 (ECV 2007), and the Market Abuse Regulation of the European Parliament (596/2014).

All conwert staff and other persons working for conwert who have access to inside information in the framework of projects are required to observe the provisions of the compliance guideline. Pursuant to the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance and the Stock Exchange Act, the purchase and sale of conwert shares by key employees is disclosed on the Company’s website (Disclosures on Directors' Dealings) and also reported to the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA).

In order to familiarise managers and persons who work in confidentiality spheres with the compliance guidelines and to ensure conscious and responsible handling of confidential information, training courses headed by the Compliance Officer are held at regular intervals for the employees concerned. In addition, blackout periods and trading bans are defined prior to sensitive corporate events (e.g. annual and quarterly results, capital increases).